Sigfox Network

All devices and smart objects require an infrastructure to communicate with their surrounding and data transfer. This infrastructure needs to be able to receive data from devices and send them to the destination. In many cases, this communication infrastructure will affect the device’s capabilities and the quality of data transfer. Many IoT applications need the devices to work with minimum power and have a high battery life. Also, to cover more objects (things), the infrastructure needs to be able to receive information from two points with a long distance. Therefore, a new technology called LPWAN is used to satisfy the mentioned needs.

Therefore, Parsnet Company has decided to implement IoT infrastructure using Sigfox technology. Using this technology, a large amount of needs regarding IoT infrastructure is now satisfied and everyone can use it according to their own needs. This coverage is not restricted to a specific area or city and it’s possible for any area to make use of IoT. According to the timetables, Most of the cities will be covered in the next few months and start covering other parts of the country at a high rate. Foresights indicate that this will be done in three phases and in different parts of the country, and everyone will have access to it.