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The Parsnet Company has planned to establish a national intranet for IoT, using Sigfox technology, which is a type of LPWA networks. As the name specifies (LPWA: Low Power Wide Area), the absorbed power in this technology is very low. This lowers the battery use increases the battery life, which solves one of the most important issues in this field. The other mentionable fact is the low frequency and bandwidth of this technology, together they guarantee a high coverage and high resistance against noise and conflict. Also this technology uses a free band frequency for its connections. Free band frequencies decrease connection costs and help us use band frequencies a lot more. The data rate in this technology is very low, this lowers the absorbed power and increases battery life.

Parsnet, the exclusive operator of Sigfox Company in Iran, is currently concentrating on implementing the national IoT intranet, and as planned, there will be an acceptable amount of coverage (approximately 30% of Iran’s population) until the end of August 2018.  It should be noted that these plans are very flexible and services can be implemented in a short time in specific locations for special uses. This network has an acceptable implementation speed and scalability due to its many capabilities and experiences from 30 different countries, also a suitable coverage can be guaranteed within a short amount of time. It should be noted that the plan for implementing this network wouldn’t completely close in different phases and Parsnet Company will work for increasing the coverage amount over time.