About Us

Parsnet Company (private equity) under the commercial name of Parsnet Communication Techs, was founded on 2016 by Pars Online holdings with the intention of working in the field of IoT and creating a communication infrastructure with national coverage. The company’s stock holders are known as successful pioneers in implementing modern communication technologies in Iran.

The ultimate purpose of this company is to create an IoT infrastructure with a national coverage. This nationwide coverage will be established within three years. The reason behind choosing this strategic purpose, is the convergence of different factors which all indicate the necessity of entering this business. These factors include:
- Digital identities of objects
- Objects are becoming smart and are starting to have processing abilities
- Nationwide access to communication facilities – Internet/Intranet
- New business atmosphere

Having ISDP, IDC, SAP, FCP, VoIP and IoT licenses, and investments in transferring the latest technologies to Iran, Pars Online firm group is proud to be one of the best active operators in the field of communication services and networks, with a notable role in developing services and telecommunication networks. Currently, numerous organizations and public and private companies including banks, telecommunication operators and strategic industries such as oils, gas and petrochemistry are making use of these services.

Sigfox & Parsnet Collabration

Parsnet’s intention of collaborating with Sigfox Company was establishing a LPWAN communication infrastructure to nationally connect objects with each other and granting it to anyone who wants to work in the field of developing IoT applications. Parsnet Company intends to create a new atmosphere in country’s IT business and industry by establishing an IoT ecosystem with the help of its associates in building hardware and network sensors, communication infrastructure, network maintenance and support, creating local databases and activating startups in a wide range.

Sigfox Services

Sigfox is one of the biggest international activists in the field of IoT. Its goal is to establish a global infrastructure for IoT and has been able to cover 25 countries until this day. Sigfox uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) which is one of the best methods in IoT and can cover a lot of areas with low cost.